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Unlock a comprehensive suite of jewellery care services tailored just for you. From professional polishing that restores brilliance to meticulous ring resizing and repairs or alterations, we ensure your cherished pieces stay radiant. Book now for customised care that safeguards the beauty and longevity of your jewellery.

Person cleaning jewellery with polishing machine


Sparkling Jewels

Our jewellery polishing services bring a renewed brilliance to your treasured pieces. Trust our skilled artisans to delicately restore the shine and luster of your jewellery, ensuring it gleams with timeless elegance. Simply, ship your gems to our London Workshop and let us do our thing!

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Person cleaning a silver ring with ultrasonic cleaner

ultrasonic cleaning

Squeaky Clean.

Elevate your jewellery's radiance with our ultrasonic cleaning service. Our advanced, gentle process removes dirt from every nook without compromising the integrity of your precious pieces. Quick and safe for all jewellery types, our service ensures a swift turnaround, delivering sparkling treasures back to you promptly.

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steam cleaning

Just Like new.

Revitalize your jewellery with our steam cleaning service. Using high-pressure steam, we efficiently remove dirt and oils, restoring your pieces to their original brilliance. Safe for various materials, this eco-friendly option ensures your jewellery regains its luster, looking as radiant as ever.

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resizing and repairs

Jeweller resizing a gold ring

adjust your rings

Ring Resizing

Experience effortless elegance with our postal ring resizing service. We measure your ring size expertly and make precise adjustments for a perfect fit, all conveniently delivered to your door by our team of experts.

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Jewellers Workshop repairing ring using blowtorch

repairs & alterations

Broken Jewels?

Have a broken piece of jewellery or need adjustments for the perfect fit? Look no further. From mending damaged rings to fixing broken chains, our expert repair services are tailored to revive and renew your cherished pieces. Additionally, we offer meticulous alterations to ensure your jewellery not only fits flawlessly but also reflects your unique style.

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common questions about our services

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How do you measure ring size?

You can visit our London Workshop where we can accurately measure your ring size. Alternatively, you can follow our measurements guides or visit your local jewellers.

Is the postal service free?

Yes! Your jewels are delivered directly to your door after repair - completely for free!

What are the prices for your services?

Prices vary based on the service and complexity of the repair/alteration required. Please get in touch and provide us with the relevant information. Rest assured, we'll provide you with the best prices possible.

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