recycling & upcycling

Scrap gold metal used for recycling


Recycle your metals.

We offer a special metal recycling service that involves us providing you with the best solution and helps you to profit from otherwise unwanted jewellery. We are very versatile and give a unique service tailored to suit you.

Designer creating new ring

old gems, new uses.

Upcycling Initiative

Revitalize your jewellery the with our upcycling service! Instead of discarding or letting your old pieces collect dust, give them an upgrade. Whether it's a revamped design or a completely new creation, our upcycling service ensures your treasures get a second life while contributing to a more sustainable future.


our sustainability mission

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to sustainability. We go the extra mile by using recycled silver in crafting our pieces and eco-friendly packaging for a reduced environmental footprint. Embracing the principles of upcycling and recycling, we ensure that no resource goes to waste. It's not just about creating beautiful jewellery; it's about doing so responsibly.

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