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how we began

Our Story

Established in 2019, Apsley and Heron emerged with a visionary commitment to crafting cutting-edge, fashionable jewellery . Rooted in the core belief of encouraging customers to embrace their unique beauty and individuality, our brand is dedicated to delivering a distinct and contemporary jewellery experience.

mission statement

"Apsley & Heron is a company that redefines elegance with dainty and timeless jewellery, boldly capturing your unique style and story. High-quality adornments for the modern world."

quality at its's finest

Our product line embodies an abundance of passion and love, with each piece meticulously designed, expertly crafted, and rigorously examined to uphold the highest standards of quality. At Apsley and Heron, we strive to offer our customers not just jewellery but a reflection of their personal style and a celebration of their individuality.

Staff Team working together on Jewellery designs

Driven by Dedication

Our Team

Our team of passionate designers are dedicated to crafting exquisite jewellery that resonates with your unique style. Behind the scenes, our support team works tirelessly to ensure an exceptional experience for you. We blend creativity, precision, and attentive service to curate an environment where every piece of jewellery tells a story and every customer feels valued - a commitment that defines our brand.

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We're passionate about the environment. Our jewellery is crafted from 100% recycled silver, drastically cutting down on mining waste. With our commitment to sustainability, even our packaging is eco-friendly, reflecting our dedication to a greener, more conscious approach to beauty.